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Boxing Club | 2019 Boxing Club Schedule


STRIKE® - An MMA inspired striking workout that is a combination of multiple striking techniques and MMA specific movement drills. Full coverage gloves and hand wraps are required.

PRIMAL® - A unique Metabolic Conditioning focused class that combines the elements of a strength training class with the elements of a high intensity interval cardio training class. This unique class is open to all ability levels and is adjusted based on participants abilities.

HYBRID® - A unique class that combines all of the components of a professional fighter training camp that is adjusted to all participants' levels and abilities. This class combines the elements of both PRIMAL and STRIKE to create a one-of-a-kind experience. Universal training gloves required.

Basic Boxing: Exposes beginners to various movements, basic punches, jump rope, and technical skills. We will work on cardio conditioning, coordination, flexibility, and balance. ** All 6 am sessions require signup at least one day prior to class. Minimum of 2 boxers to be held.

Boxing: Fitness Exercises such as running & jump rope; Exercises for coordination and flexibility; Strenght Training exercises such as Body weight, Kettlebells, and free weights. We implement specific boxing exercises with various boxing equipment along with partner work with continued work on fine tuning technique and tactical skill improvement. Prerequisite (Basic Box or Test out) Full coverage gloves and hand wraps are required..

Box Express: Get all the health benefits of our traditional Boxing Class but condensed into a 45 minute class to start your day!

RockSteady ® Boxing: Boxing curriculum specific to the needs of Parkinson's Disease.

swim lessons buffalo mn

Assessments for Rock Steady Boxing required:
By appointment 763-295-3002 (Lyssa Lovejoy)

We highly recommend having a heart rate monitor to get the best training results.


Monthly Membership $105 unlimited
2x weekly $79.99 per month
Drop-in $15
$20 non-members for tutorial

swim lessons buffalo mn
swim lessons buffalo mn
swim lessons buffalo mn
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redzone training buffalo mn