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About 5 years ago, I learned a very hard lesson about the difference between drinking sports drinks with electrolytes and drinking plain water while exercising. It was a hot September day...over 90 degrees. I was with some friends doing an adventure

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Which one is right for you? Last month we took a deep dive into the amount of protein a person needs on a daily basis. When the topic of protein comes up it inevitably leads to questions about protein powders. While it is my belief that a whole food

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Are you confused about PROTEIN

Are you confused about PROTEIN? Protein seems like a straight forward topic- eat your chicken breast…grow your muscles. But when I asked a small group of athletes and gym members, most of them seemed confused about everything from how much the

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Whatever your fitness question... the answer: STRENGTH TRAINING

When I learned that I would be writing a monthly blog for the Fitness Evolution social media pages I threw a question up on my personal Facebook page: What health issues would people like to see addressed in the upcoming issues of the blog?   I rece

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Is a Trendy Diet for You?

Whole 30, Keto, Paleo, Gluten Free, Sugar Busters Chances are you know someone who is following one of the above eating plans and raving about their results. But what do they all mean? How are they different? Does following a trendy eating plan mean

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From Sign Up to Success

You have committed to joining the club and working on your health & fitness. But now what??? What does it really take to go from vague ideas of health and wellness to making those your new reality? BE REALISTIC: New members often tell me that

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