When I wrote a blog post in late March about working out through Quarantine, I ended with a comment about being back together very soon.

No one imagined that it would be a full 3 months until our doors reopened. 

As time went on, I received many messages from clients & friends from the gym, asking if I knew anything about when we would reopen.  I assured people that I did not have any secret information about re-opening but I did offer to help them plan a workout routine or invited them to a live online class through the club.


The reply was “No, I’m good. I will just keep walking.”


It became obvious that they were looking for more than just an exercise routine. 


When I had my shoulder surgery in October of 2018, I couldn’t work out for 6 weeks and then I had to ease back into it. I remember those as some of the darkest days of my life.


In those weeks I was going to work, connecting with people but I felt so blue. I analyzed what I was feeling and realized that there are three components to my fitness life:   

  1. the social (when I connect with my clients & those who attend my classes)
  2. the physical (when I get sweaty & out of breath and release endorphins)
  3. the emotional (when I accomplish something big, such as a hard strength routine or a long bike ride).



For me to feel my best I need to experience each of those components regularly. I realized the people reaching out to me were experiencing something similar.  


The gym is about so much more than getting a workout in. It is for many, the place “where everybody knows your name,“ where you are pushed beyond your limits, where that person waiting for you is the reason that you get up and get dressed, the place where the pieces of your goals start to form and take shape. 

The physical challenges, the check-ins with friends, the friendly competition with the person on the next treadmill (or the one 6-feet over while we are social distancing) -- these are all the things that our members were missing. 


I posted on social media recently asking how people felt about being back in the gym. These were some of the replies:



“My hubby and I were more than ready to go back to the gym, so yes, we're back. For me, I'm doing what I was doing before, as far as programming, but sanitizing my hands & equipment often & more diligently. I'm trying to stay out of the locker-rooms thus I've been wearing my shoes to the gym & only bringing in what I need. I'm bringing in my own pen to record my lifting program.”


“I needed this for my emotional and physical well-being. I needed this for my health and continuing on my goals to become a healthier, more fit being.”


“My husband is in the same boat as I on most everything I said. His biggest change is working with a personal trainer two mornings a week now... He loves it!”

“I jumped back in last week with my group and personal trainer. Physically and mentally I had to go back! Our trainer took it very easy on us physically and was concerned about how we were doing and asked a lot of questions while we were lifting. It was a much-needed mental health session too. The new routine was just fine.”


These two are related to a specific Parkinson’s class that I teach:

“I was having several ‘off’ days.  Even though I continued to work out on my own, I was almost to the point of contacting my neurologist to adjust my medication. Now after going back to even just an hour workout of RSB 3 times a week (which is less than I was doing on my own), I feel like I don't have Parkinson's.  I LOVE RSB!!”


“RSB is like an unprescribed medication that works with the many different oral medications out there to help with PD. It is a tool to help fight the disease and it makes a positive difference in symptoms of this disease. Coaches and classmates all working on the same goal, priceless!”


For each reply, there is so much more at play then having access to the equipment. 


As I saw on a tee-shirt at the gym last year… 





We’d love to hear from you.  What have your experiences been during this time?


Megan Leipholtz, Certified Personal Trainer & RSB Coach