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I'm Skyler Palmer, a certified personal trainer through NASM! My goal is to have a positive impact in the lives of people that I work with by helping them live their healthiest, happiest version of themselves.
Throughout grade school, I played a variety of sports. Name one! I probably played it. Soccer? Yep. Golf? Bingo! Basketball? You betchya (I grew up in MN, in case you didn't catch that)! Although these sports were SUCH an amazing part of school for many reasons, I didn't have a love for the health as well as the training aspect of it. I had not yet realized the long term importance of fitness nor the sensational reward of seeing your body respond to positive physical input. It wasn't until after high school that a passion bloomed for consistent exercise/lifting and a continual learning of these essential fields.
In light of my desire for spreading the jewels of my fitness journey, I started an Instagram page which has led me to pick up a camera and use it to showcase my favorite exercises. Some of my other hobbies include painting (trying to paint), jammin' to music, and a good Netflix binge here and there.
I am in love with the process of getting healthy and gaining confidence; I strive to help others love the same!