NOTE: Fitness classes schedule is subject to change due to low attendance or inclement weather conditions.


POWER Flex: Strength training at its most enjoyable! Guaranteed to leave your feeling strong and accomplished.
P90X Live®: Pre-choreographed total-body strength and cardio class. Cardio, Lower/Upper Strength & Core!
TBC: Total Body Conditioning: Free Style class that may include sequences from STEP, Insanity® and P90X® focusing on cardio and strength for your entire body.
CIT: Circuit Interval Training: The one stop body shock. Work through cardio and strength stations for a full body training experience.
Step: Choreographed class using platform step and risers.
Kickboxing: Martial arts inspired class with kicks, punches and toning.
Zumba®: Latin Inspired dance fitness class
Line Dancing: Take it to the club with step by step cardio line dancing!
Group Strength: Focus on full body strength! Class will utilize weights, bands, fitness balls and other "fun toys" to guide you a full strength experience.
MIXX: The best of 2! A mixture of two of our amazing formats.
Mystery Class: Step, TBC, CIT, Group Strength, instructor will announce the format.

Mind & Body

Yoga: Traditional yoga focusing on flexibility, toning, and breathing. Ends with relaxation.
Yoga/Strength: Inspired by Pilates and Yoga! Fitness based sequences and positions will bring you through strength and flexibility phases and finish with relaxation. Adaptions will be made for all levels, upbeat music will be used.
Mindful Yoga: This gentle yoga class will make adaptions for all fitness levels and abilities. This class begins seated, then works to standing poses/flows then back down to the floor. You will be guided through stretches, strength work and relaxation. Chairs will be used as tools, don't let that fool you, plan to get a great yoga fitness workout.
Oula.One Yoga®: Musically inspired yoga fusion class on the mat, with no jumping or impact. Choreographed to beautiful music, you will journey through spinal warming and activation, balancing and strengthening, core work, stretching and relaxation.


Aqua Fit: A class for all levels that works your full range of motion with easy to follow choreography.
Aqua Challenge: A combination of circuits and/or intervals to challenge your strength and endurance. Not much choreography just tons of intense water work! All levels welcome.

Active Older Adult

SS Classic®: Designed to increase muscular strength, flexibility, and activity for daily living skills. w/Chairs.
BE Fit /Silver & Fit®: Works flexibility, joint stability, balance, coordination, strength and cardiovascular endurance.