NOTE: Schedule is subject to change due to low attendance or inclement weather conditions.


Body Pump®: Signature Les Mills strength training program using bars, plates, and the bench.
Core X: 30 -45minute class focusing solely on strengthening your core with a bit more.
Power Flex: Strength training at its most enjoyable! Guaranteed to leave your feeling strong and accomplished.
PiYo Live®: Powerful fusion of Pilates and Yoga inspired moves that never stop!
P90X Frenzy®: The best of P90 with a bit of crazy tossed in! Guaranteed to be different each class. Cardio, Lower/Upper Strength & Core!
TBC: Total Body Conditioning. Free Style class focusing on cardio and strength for your entire body.
Barre Fusion: Ballet inspired toning class that will use a chair, balls, and small weights. A challenging blend of strength and cardio.

Mind & Body

Core Pilates: Working on the entire core to improve posture, increase flexibility, and strengthen muscles.
Good Day Yoga: Gentle yoga with a chair available. Focusing on strength, flexibility and balance.
Guided Meditation: Quiet meditation.
Hatha Yoga: Traditional yoga focusing on flexibility, toning, and breathing. Ends with relaxation.
Rejuvenate: A gentle series of seated and standing yoga & stretch poses.
Restorative Yoga: Props are used to allow you to sink deeper into relaxation poses.
Power Yoga: A vigorous style of yoga that strengthens and empowers the body, mind, and spirit.
Fusion: Inspired by Strength and Yoga, this class will guide you through strength and flexibility phases and finish with relaxation.
Gentle Flow: Guided through postures beginning with the basic poses but allowing for more challenging poses based on your practice level.
Yoga 30: A short yoga class designed to stretch and relax the body and mind after a rigorous 30 minute class taken before hand.


Step: Choreographed class using platform step and risers.
RIPPED®: Cardio training with Resistance, Interval, Power, Plyometric, and Endurance.
Tabata: High Intensity Interval Training. 20 seconds work/10 seconds rest/8 rounds per exercise.
Strong by Zumba®: Body weight, muscle conditioning, cardio and plyometric training moves synced to original music that has been specifically designed to match every single move. High Intensity Tempo Training!
Strong 30: 30 minute version of Strong by Zumba! You will still get all you need just in shorter amount of time!
Rumble®: Cardio Mixed Martial Arts program that is designed for beginners as well as advanced.
MIXX: The best of 2 worlds! 2 formats in one class...cardio, strength, core...something different every class to keep you on your toes!
Pound®: Rockout! Workout! Challenge your core, lower body and upper body all while channeling your inner drummer


Zumba®: Latin Inspired dance fitness class.
Zumba Toning®: Slower dance with light weights...focus on toning and shaping arms, legs, glutes, back and much more!
Dance Jam: Free style choreographed dance fitness! Best time ever!
REV & FLOW®: From the creators of REFIT® More focus on toning with use of light weights. Ending with core exercises on a mat. Targets the whole person - body + mind + soul

Indoor Cycling Levels: Basic, Intermediate, Advanced/Challenging

Ride On: Indoor cycling with various outdoor terrain simulations. 45 min...Basic to Intermediate
Ride & Rip: Indoor cycling class with the last 10 -15 minutes of class focusing on core and toning. 60 min...Basic to Intermediate
Ride & Recharge: Combo class of 30 minutes spin followed by Yoga stretching to release those muscles. 60 min...Basic to Intermediate
Ultimate Ride: Challenging spin class for the veterans. Don't worry if you are new to cycling, you can still do this. 45min...Int to Advanced
Ride & Shine: Get up early and get ready for a great ride to start your day. 45 min...Basic to Intermediate

Active Older Adult

SS Classic®: Designed to increase muscular strength, flexibility, and activity for daily living skills. w/Chairs.
SS Cardio Circuit®: Cardio, upper & lower body strength training. Standing workout with optional chair.
BeFit: Variety of formats and equipment mixed for an intermediate/advanced workout.
Silver & Fit®: Works flexibility, joint stability, balance, coordination, strength and cardiovascular endurance.
Golden Yoga: Gentle yoga for active older adults.


Aqua Fit: A gentle class that works your full range of motion with easy to follow choreography.
Aqua Synergy: Compliment to Silver Sneakers. Pilates & Yoga based moves in the water.
Aqua Zumba®: Latin inspired dance moves in the water. Taking the party to the pool.
Deep Water: Exercise in deep end of pool with the use of noodles and paddle boards.