Youth Boxing

About Youth Boxing

Come join Certified USA Olympic Coach Lyssa Lovejoy for a great cardio and strength endurance workout. Learn a variety of techniques including jump rope skills, punches, kicks, proper foot work, core work, and agility training.

These classes are for kids 9 - 15 years of age. Kids slightly older or slightly younger can be included at the discretion of the coach.

Schedule varies for Youth Boxing. Contact Coach Lyssa or the front desk in Monticello for dates and times.

Youth boxers will learn various movements and boxing skills by conducting physical exercises to improve; speed, coordination, flexibility and aerobic endurance. We will incorporate different games and plays for training session to create an enjoyable and interesting training environment.

Each session will be planned to teach and train both the physical side of boxing but also building self-confidence within each child.

This is a non-sparring program. However, we do teach practical defense and offense with will have contact Glove to Glove and Glove to Mitt work.

Core, Agility, and Strength work in each and every session!

Each youth will receive a certificate of completion of Basic Boxing skills - And receive a Boxing 101 Handbook.


For more information call 763-295-3002

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fitness center zimmerman mn
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