Food Trends

We’re back again for another blog, WHOO! This time we’re going to tackle all things: FOOD TRENDS. But, I’m going to put my dietitian on the dairy farm twist on things.

Have you heard of the local food movement? This is a massive trend with food right now. And, let me tell you, I’m here for it. As a dietitian, I firmly believe that knowing and understanding where your food comes from and how it’s raised, is one single step in the right direction to improving our relationship with food. When you support local farmers, produce, meat, eggs, etc., you’re allowing yourself the ability to: Ask your farmer’s the hard questions; how was your food raised or grown? What are the best methods of cooking? Do you have any recipes? And so on. When we forget about the local movement, we lose the ability to ask the farmer’s that raised our foods these tough questions.

In Minnesota, the local movement is only simple for a few months out of the year (Shoutout to farmer’s markets), so, I completely understand that it’s not always easy. But, between June and October, you can find some amazing farmer’s markets with produce, popcorn, meats, cheeses, breads, jerky, dog treats and more! Find a few of my favorites with their links!

Buffalo Farmer’s Market:
Monticello Farmer’s Market:
Annandale Farmer’s Market:
Wright County Swappers Meet:

I also understand that choosing local may be a little bit more expensive. But, if you’re unable to support local, know this: when you buy a gallon of milk at the store, you’re supporting a dairy farm within 300 miles of the location.

Shop local when and if you can. This is a food trend that this dietitian can get behind!