Maintaining Healthy Habits

Happy New Year Fit Evo family!


This months’ blog is all about creating and maintaining healthy habits throughout the ENTIRE year... not just New Years resolutions. As a dietitian, you know I love to look at the big picture, but I wouldn’t be doing my job if I didn’t narrow in on the little things, too. Now, what exactly are the “little things,” you might ask? They’re those small habits that add up to BIG change if you can be consistent with them.


  1. My first one: 7-9 hours of sleep per night. This may either be a daunting task or something incredibly minor, but I rarely hear people who dabble between the two feelings. The reason for this range is, research has found it an optimal range of sleep for our body to complete the processes that happen over night; reparation, building, maintenance, etc. While we sleep, blood washes over our brain to erase or minimize certain experiences or hormones that may be causing us stress.. I.e. raising our cortisol (stress hormone). So, quite a bit really goes down while you’re sleeping! Not to mention that your organs and body processes are happening still!
  2. My next recommendation is 10,000 steps per day minimum! Again, evidence has shown that if you’re someone who gets 10,000 steps each day, chances are that you’re moving at least 5 minutes every hour… making sure your metabolism is firing every hour. If you’re someone who already reaches our exceeds 10,000… aim to add a few thousand extra. This will continue to stimulate metabolism. Don’t forget our body is SO adaptive!
  3. Make sure to MINIMUM drink half of your body weight (in pounds) in ounces of water/day (Ex. 150lbs = 75oz). If you’re someone with a consistent intake of caffeine (diuretic) or someone who is a heavy sweater, you’ll warrant additional fluids. If water is challenging to you, don’t forget to utilize flavoring like Mio, Crystal Light, lemon/lime/orange, etc… or caffeine free teas, too! I like to sit in the sauna after my workouts to top off my water intake since I just sweat-ed out some fluid, too! PRO TIP! 
  4. Last but CERTAINLY not least: manage your stress effective. Do things that make YOU happy, genuinely. Get to the gym, yoga, pilates, Zumba, read a book or journal, go for a walk or find a new podcast to indulge in. Stress management is so, so important and something that we don’t typically utilize. Society has made us too busy hustling and grinding, that suddenly, we’ve forgotten about ourselves again. Take time to do what you enjoy. Not to mention, elevated cortisol will challenge your body’s weight loss ability and lead to inflammation!

In summary, here are your first 4 things to work on in the first few weeks of 2022: Nightly rest, steps per day, hydration, and stress management. Imagine what 6 months of consistency with just these things could do….